Park & Sun Flex 1000 Outdoor Volleyball System


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This volleyball set includes 2 telescoping poles that adjust to three playing heights (men – 8′, women – 7’4″, and coed – 7’8″). The sleeve net includes 2″ top and bottom net bindings. The guyline tension system ensures the net remains taut during play. The Tournament Flex set includes a soft, machine-stitched volleyball with an inflation pump. The pre-measured boundary lines includes a convenient hand winder for quick court set-up! When not in use, all of the pieces fit inside the durable carrying bag for easy transport and storage!

In stock

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The Tournament Flex 100 Volleyball Set includes everything needed for a fun, competitive, outdoor volleyball game! Note: THIS ITEM WILL ONLY BE SHIPPED USING THE REGULAR ECONOMY SHIPPING METHOD.

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