The Power of Team Store

Our unique VBS Team Store solution makes the ORDER PROCESS EASY. We work directly with you to design the products, then set up a custom, private team store page where your individual members can login to select and purchase their own gear. We then create, organize and distribute the gear to a one-point source, or direct to your team/group members. It’s less chasing for you, and the process is completed within a timely manner!
Here are some BIG advantages of our VBS Team Store Program:

  • No extra cost to you

  • Fast turnarounds (orders ship 2 weeks after store closing)

  • Program Managers don’t have to handle money or any transactions

  • Exclusive product offers & pricing

  • Individuals can order & pay directly online

  • Everything is done on a very secure custom web portal

  • Orders are shipped to Program Manager, or direct to individuals for distribution

  • Individually packaged, so less sorting is required

  • Full client Sales Reports & Customer Service


Make it Easy

From start to finish we do a majority of the work, including:

  • Help select products

  • Create/modify/mock up artwork

  • Set up your private Team Store

  • Create mailers/flyers for email

  • Manage all aspects of customer service

  • Manufacturing & decorating of all products

  • Sort and individually package all orders

You are still in charge of selecting artwork, store products, and sending out the flyer and Team Store links directly to your group.

Low Risk

Using our Team Store software allows customers to fulfill their organization’s demand for clothing and retail items, with NO RISK of leftovers and mis-sizing. Individuals can order EXACTLY the product and sizes they want, and pay directly online.

Our system takes the risk out of ordering for Project Managers, and allows them to free up budget room for other necessary pieces or projects.

Fundraising & Discounts

Our Team Store program creates the opportunity to create extra fundraising through profit sharing & bulk discounts. This give you the opportunity for you to save for a future initiative, or offer greater discounts to your club or group.

Individually Packaged

We save you TONNES OF TIME by organizing, sorting and individually packaging each order. You receive each order prepackaged and labeled, ready for individual pickup. We also offer the option of shipping orders directly to each person.

Any Sport. Canada-wide.

Don’t let the name fool you. While VBS is primarily known as a volleyball company, we work with schools, universities and provincial/federal associations, as well as customers in soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball and many other sports across Canada!

Our long term relationships with some of the leading brands and manufacturers in team and corporate sports apparel allow us to offer full service clothing and jersey solutions for almost any group.


Our Philosophy

We know you’re busy, and we are here to make your job easier, not harder. Let us help you choose the right products, get your artwork set up and identify the best decorating methods to suit your groups needs. Our experienced staff is ready to offer advice or recommendations at any step along the way. Our processes are built to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.

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