Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace


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The newest innovation in ankle brace design. New material, new specifications from a brand new company in ankle supports, featuring a resin material that will mold to the contours of your foot


Small : MEN 5 – 9         WOMEN 6 – 10.5

Med:     MEN 9.5 – 12   WOMEN 10.5 – 13

Large:  MEN 12.5+       WOMEN 13.5+

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Ultra High-5 • Indications: Chronic Ankle Instability, Reoccurring Joint Pain • Reinforce that UNSTABLE ankle with this feather-light but super-strong ankle brace • Advanced Hinged-Cuff design restricts excessive inversion, eversion and rotation. • Extended foot place for enhanced ankle control. • Fits Right or Left ankle. • Small fits men’s shoe size 5-9, women’s 6-10. • Medium fits men’s shoe size 9.5-12, women’s 10.5-13. • Large fits men’s shoe size 12.5 and over, women’s 13.5 and under. Ultra High-5, is a registered trademark of Ultra Athlete LLC

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